Petit Skull

Limited edition of 18 pieces, hand-made in Switzerland.
Swiss automatic mechanical movement, fully skeletonised with hand-decorated oscillating mass.
Hand-decorated 3-layer dial finished with hand-polishing, PVD coating, perlage.
Hand-painted lacquer and superluminova decorative details
Multicoloured stone-set bezel with 7 colours of precious stones and diamonds.


Bringing joy and colour into watchmaking, Fiona draws inspiration from her Fine Art roots and childhood memories of living in Mexico to create the PETIT CELEBRATION SKULL. Using the technique of hand-painting with lacquer, Fiona instils each of her watches with its own distinct character. The PETIT CELEBRATION SKULL’s intricate 3-layer dial is impeccably hand-painted, building up like a pattern to reveal a colourful skull symbol by day and a luminous skull outline by night. Each colour used in the deco- rating of the dial has a specific meaning pertaining to the Dia de Los Muertos celebration, and was individually selected for the creation of these watches.

The dial begins with the first layer, a polished base plate with black PVD coating and multicolour lacquer and superluminova hand-painting. The second layer’s matt rhodium plated base acts as a blank canvas for the ornate decoration on the skull. The final layer is split in two, with an intricate bridge adorning the skulls’ forehead and a set of teeth, finished with perlage and rhodium plating. These two parts echo the bridges of the skeletonised movement, which can be seen through the skull’s eyes. The symbolic outline of the skull is decorated with superluminova and punctuated by luminous dots to mark the hours. Through the PETIT CELEBRATION SKULL’s eyes, the moving balance wheel and delicate mainspring of the movement can be seen, which, when wound up, bring the watch to life.

“Eternity” is complimented by a multi-coloured stone-set bezel with diamonds and precious stones. The 7 colours used in the bezel each represent a day of the week, inspired by an eternity ring Fiona’s grandmother had. These rings were a reminder of infinite time, everlasting love and everything it can endure. This colourful eternity frame around the PETIT CELEBRATION SKULL is a reminder of cherished moments in its owner’s life.


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