Entropy I: Purple Pow

Skeleton watch, limited edition 18 pieces, hand-made in Switzerland.
Multi-layered dial with polished gold base plate, black sun-brushed top layer and iridescent purple coloured silicium explosion.
Exclusive Fiona Krüger exploding movement, Swiss made, manual-wind with 50 hour power reserve.
Slim titanium case with brushed and polished finishing and black DLC coating.
Interchangeable strap.


BANG! CRASH! POW! Fiona Krüger brings you three explosive designs from her dynamic Chaos collection.

Entropy I is the second offering from the Chaos collection. These graphic timepieces come in three colours: Black Bang, Cobalt Crash and Purple Pow, each a limited edition of 18 pieces and featuring the brand's first exclusive mechanical movement: the Chaos movement.

Inspired by the dynamic nature of time passing, Fiona Krüger designed her movement to look like it was mid-explosion, developing it in partnership with renowned Swiss movement specialist, Agenhor.


The partly-skeletonised dials of Entropy I reveal the most dynamic elements of the brand’s bespoke Chaos caliber beneath, integrating the mechanism into the aesthetic of the watch face. A glinting silicium explosion frames the exposed balance wheel and main spring barrel, contrasted by a crisp polished outline. The remaining dial elements have a classic sun brushed finish, streaming outwards from the centre of the shard hands. Shattering hour markers on the underside of the sapphire indicate the time. These metallic fragments add to the feeling of depth as the explosion makes its way up through the watch. The slim titanium case frames the intricate watch, with generous openings at the front and back to reveal as much of the movement as possible.

Launched in June 2018, Fiona’s second collection of timepieces is inspired by the laws of physics which dictate that, as time passes, things always move from a state of order towards a state of disorder or chaos, and never the reverse. This explains why your spilled milk will not un-spill, or that glass you smashed will not un-smash (though if you ask a physicist they may argue that if you wait long enough, that smashed glass will come back together – but we’ll let them wait for that!).

This idea lead to the development of the brand’s own Chaos movement, produced exclusively with Geneva based movement specialists, Agenhor, and showcased in Fiona’s first series of watches for this collection.

These watches are named after the concept of entropy, used in quantum physics to explain the passing of time through the shift from a state of order towards a state of disorder or chaos, which Fiona represents by using the iconic symbolism of an explosion.

Each of the 3 colours of Entropy I is produced as a limited edition of only 18 pieces worldwide; each watch is carefully crafted in Switzerland.



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