Production - Production of our Chaos cases

Olivier Conne & Cyrille Bronnert –
Del West
The production of our cases

Del West is a company whose engineering capabilities and precision products have long made them a leader in the racing circuits. This wealth of experience, attention to detail and drive for perfection have lead them to work with some of the leading brands in the Swiss fine watch industry.

The development and production of the cases for Fiona’s second collection was a truly collaborative process. Fiona worked directly with Cyrille, a member of their engineering team, to bring her design vision to life, reviewing every detail in order to achieve a refined final aesthetic. Del West’s innovative spirit and love for new challenges made them the perfect partner for developing our second collection. Their eye for detail and state of the art production facilities have allowed us to push forward our design to achieve an elegant aesthetic which perfectly frames each of Fiona’s creations.

Del West’s enthusiasm for tackling new challenges, combined with their incredible manufacturing capabilities is reflected in the remarkable products they are able to produce.