Production - The Movements

The Movements

Every watch Fiona produces is powered by a Swiss Made Mechanical movement of the highest quality. For the PETIT SKULL watches, Soprod’s intricately skeletonised mechanical movements were the perfect choice – with exquisite finishing, customisation possibilities and the company’s support Fiona was able to incorporate their automatic movement into the design of her watches, highlighting the mechanical beauty of each one and bringing mechanical animation to her designs.

For her original SKULL, BLACK SKULL and CELEBRATION SKULL, movements from Technotime are used – Technotime was acquired in 2017 by Soprod meaning all the movements used in the SKULL collection are now produced under the same roof.

Soprod’s innovative outlook on the watchmaking industry has enabled them to work with both larger established watch brands and ground-breaking independents. It is this enlightened approach which ensures that their movements meet the highest quality standards whilst giving them the flexibility to work on more creative ventures. The Soprod offices are located a stone’s throw from the Jura region of Switzerland, the heart of the watchmaking industry.

Soprod’s beautiful Swiss Movements embody the company’s passion, quality and exacting standards, whilst their adventurous spirit has made them the perfect partner for Fiona.