Production - Hand Painting

Mme Benoit – MLV
Hand Painting

Mme Benoit owns MLV, a leader in the hand painting of lacquer and superluminova in the watchmaking industry. Her workshop is based in La Chaux de Fonds where she manages and expert team of artisans who meticulously execute every decorative detail on Fiona’s hand-painted watches.

Having worked with Fiona since the production of her very first watch, Mme Benoit offers expert guidance regarding the use of lacquer and superluminova in Fiona’s designs to ensure each watch meets her exacting standards. With some details being so fine she needs to use a microscope to paint, and each colour lacquer or type of superluminova having its own specific technical requirements, it is Mme Benoit’s exceptional skill and meticulous work which help to bring out the personality of each of Fiona’s hand-painted watches.

MLV is the leader in lacquer and superluminova painting, made up of the most gifted artisans with an unrivalled level of skill and a love for the artistry of watchmaking.