Production - The Dials

Christophe Beuchat & Kari Voutilainen – Comblémine
Dials, production, and after-sales

Fiona’s dials are what gave her Skull watches their personality. With that in mind, Fiona knew she wanted to use Guillochage and colour in a new way to create unique watch designs, which re-interpreted these classic decorative techniques in her first collection. There was no better company to work with than Comblémine in order to achieve the level of finishing necessary to bring the vision of her intricately detailed dials to life.

Following a first successful collaboration, and the development of Comblémine's incredible competencies, Fiona Krüger has been working more and more with this innovative manufacturer in all areas of production.  

Based near Fleurier, Comblémine is lovingly run by Christophe Beuchet and Kari Voutilainen. Christophe has years of experience and a passion for his work – a priceless combination when pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. Fiona discovered Comblémine through Kari who, after talking over Fiona’s Petit Skull designs, suggested the company as a possible partner for her innovative patterned dials. Christophe and his team work closely with Fiona, enthusiastically testing out ideas, generously sharing their knowledge and meticulously going over every detail of the production, as though each piece they makes was for their own watch.

Comblémine is at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking, hungry for new challenges and passionate about what they do. The Comblémine team is dynamic, humble and expertly trained in a number of areas – the quality of their work speaks for itself.