Production - Development and production of our Chaos movement

Creating our own movement

The development and production of Fiona’s own bespoke calibre was brought to life through her collaboration with Agenhor. A powerhouse in the Swiss watch industry, Agenhor have creativity at the heart of their DNA, having developed and produced some of the most ingenious and beautiful mechanical movements used by the top fine watchmaking brands on the market. Along side their impressive roster of clients, the company has also patented a number of mechanical innovations, always striving to find new and exciting solutions to bring to the traditional métier of watchmaking.

Every detail of our intricate explosive calibre was designed by Fiona, and developed closely with the Agenhor team. The graphic look of the movement was achieved by developing a bespoke production process, combining familiar techniques and finishings in a new way whilst incorporating hand-decorated details on the components themselves. The combination of Fiona’s artistic vision with Agenhor’s extensive know-how and passion for creativity has resulted in a truly innovative approach to designing and developing a watch movement.

“The movement was very unusual to make because the positioning and production of the components was down to the aesthetic desired rather than our technical requirements.” Explains François Merot, Director of Production at Agenhor “It is extremely rare to adapt the technical aspect of a movement to an aesthetic wish. Fiona’s approach as to how to think of a watch movement is highly innovative. Her approach elevates the movement beyond being a technical element into something artistic”.

Agenhor was founded in 1996 in Geneva by Jean-Marc Wiederrercht and his wife Catherine. Jean-Marc is recognised as a true mechanical artist of the watch industry, the range of awards won by both Agenhor and himself personally (including 8 GPHG awards and the GAIA award for Craftsmanship creation) are a testament to his values and vision. Agenhor is now run by their two sons, Nicolas and Laurent. This new generation of watchmaking brings together the company’s rich legacy with a dynamic vision for the future.