Production - The Bracelets

Sophie – Les Artisans Selliers and Nathalie - Jean-Rousseau
The Bracelets

Each of Fiona’s bracelets is entirely hand made by Jean Rousseau or Les Artisans Selliers.

The Jean-Rousseau manufacture is based in Besançon, France, with their own tannery allowing them to select and prepare their own hides and develop bespoke colours and finishes for their clients. They also have ateliers in London, New York, Tokyo and Paris specialising in made-to-measure products.

Sophie set up Les Artisans Selliers in Le Locle after completing her training at Hermes. She produces the bracelets for some of the most exclusive haute horlogerie brands on the market today.

From the selection of the leather to the choice of thread, Fiona consults with each manufacturer before the production of each collection of watches to select the perfect bracelet for her designs. Each bracelet is then lovingly hand-made in the workshops of Les Artisans Selliers and Jean-Rousseau.

Each manufacturer’s personal approach to their work allows Fiona to produce specifically tailored bracelets for clients, as well as custom orders. The possibilities are endless with Jean-Rousseau and Les Artisans Selliers producing bracelets out of the best quality leathers on the market or even from special fabrics belonging to clients themselves.

Jean-Rousseau and Les Artisans Selliers offer a truly bespoke service, personally hand-crafting each client’s bracelet bringing together traditional maroquinerie with contemporary design.