Fiona is passionate about craftsmanship and believes finding the right people to produce her watches is as important as the design itself. All of Fiona’s production partners are based in Switzerland, each one a leader in their specific discipline, driven by the desire for creative and innovative watch design.


Creating our own movement

The development and production of Fiona’s own bespoke calibre was brought to life through her collaboration with Agenhor. A powerhouse in the Swiss watch industry, Agenhor have creativity at the heart of their DNA, having developed and produced some of the most ingenious and beautiful mechanical movements used by the top fine watchmaking brands on the market. Along side their impressive roster of clients, the company has also patented a number of mechanical innovations, always striving to find new and exciting solutions to bring to the traditional métier of watchmaking.

Every detail of our intricate explosive calibre was designed by Fiona, and developed closely with the Agenhor team. The graphic look of the movement was achieved by developing a bespoke production process, combining familiar techniques and finishings in a new way whilst incorporating hand-decorated details on the components themselves. The combination of Fiona’s artistic vision with Agenhor’s extensive know-how and passion for creativity has resulted in a truly innovative approach to designing and developing a watch movement.

“The movement was very unusual to make because the positioning and production of the components was down to the aesthetic desired rather than our technical requirements.” Explains François Merot, Director of Production at Agenhor “It is extremely rare to adapt the technical aspect of a movement to an aesthetic wish. Fiona’s approach as to how to think of a watch movement is highly innovative. Her approach elevates the movement beyond being a technical element into something artistic”.

Agenhor was founded in 1996 in Geneva by Jean-Marc Wiederrercht and his wife Catherine. Jean-Marc is recognised as a true mechanical artist of the watch industry, the range of awards won by both Agenhor and himself personally (including 8 GPHG awards and the GAIA award for Craftsmanship creation) are a testament to his values and vision. Agenhor is now run by their two sons, Nicolas and Laurent. This new generation of watchmaking brings together the company’s rich legacy with a dynamic vision for the future.

Christophe Beuchat & Kari Voutilainen – Comblémine
Dials, production, and after-sales

Fiona’s dials are what gave her Skull watches their personality. With that in mind, Fiona knew she wanted to use Guillochage and colour in a new way to create unique watch designs, which re-interpreted these classic decorative techniques in her first collection. There was no better company to work with than Comblémine in order to achieve the level of finishing necessary to bring the vision of her intricately detailed dials to life.

Following a first successful collaboration, and the development of Comblémine's incredible competencies, Fiona Krüger has been working more and more with this innovative manufacturer in all areas of production.  

Based near Fleurier, Comblémine is lovingly run by Christophe Beuchet and Kari Voutilainen. Christophe has years of experience and a passion for his work – a priceless combination when pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. Fiona discovered Comblémine through Kari who, after talking over Fiona’s Petit Skull designs, suggested the company as a possible partner for her innovative patterned dials. Christophe and his team work closely with Fiona, enthusiastically testing out ideas, generously sharing their knowledge and meticulously going over every detail of the production, as though each piece they makes was for their own watch.

Comblémine is at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking, hungry for new challenges and passionate about what they do. The Comblémine team is dynamic, humble and expertly trained in a number of areas – the quality of their work speaks for itself.


The Movements

Every watch Fiona produces is powered by a Swiss Made Mechanical movement of the highest quality. For the PETIT SKULL watches, Soprod’s intricately skeletonised mechanical movements were the perfect choice – with exquisite finishing, customisation possibilities and the company’s support Fiona was able to incorporate their automatic movement into the design of her watches, highlighting the mechanical beauty of each one and bringing mechanical animation to her designs.

For her original SKULL, BLACK SKULL and CELEBRATION SKULL, movements from Technotime are used – Technotime was acquired in 2017 by Soprod meaning all the movements used in the SKULL collection are now produced under the same roof.

Soprod’s innovative outlook on the watchmaking industry has enabled them to work with both larger established watch brands and ground-breaking independents. It is this enlightened approach which ensures that their movements meet the highest quality standards whilst giving them the flexibility to work on more creative ventures. The Soprod offices are located a stone’s throw from the Jura region of Switzerland, the heart of the watchmaking industry.

Soprod’s beautiful Swiss Movements embody the company’s passion, quality and exacting standards, whilst their adventurous spirit has made them the perfect partner for Fiona.


Aurelien Bouchet – AB Product
Development and production of the Skull watches

Aurelien Bouchet’s company AB Product, is based in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland. He has been personally involved in the development of each of Fiona’s Skull watches from the very beginning, ensuring the design of each piece meets the highest standards of Swiss Made production.

His team has taken on more and more responsibilities over the years, and now handles the machining and finishing of Fiona’s Skull watch cases as well as the rigorous testing and final assembly of these timepieces. Their factory runs like clockwork, with a perfect mix of cutting edge machines and the most talented people whose meticulous handwork and eye for detail ensures every part of every watch is machined and finished to perfection.

AB Product is a dynamic and innovative company, always ready to take on a new challenge, made up of a fantastic team of the best in the Swiss Watchmaking industry.


Mme Benoit – MLV
Hand Painting

Mme Benoit owns MLV, a leader in the hand painting of lacquer and superluminova in the watchmaking industry. Her workshop is based in La Chaux de Fonds where she manages and expert team of artisans who meticulously execute every decorative detail on Fiona’s hand-painted watches.

Having worked with Fiona since the production of her very first watch, Mme Benoit offers expert guidance regarding the use of lacquer and superluminova in Fiona’s designs to ensure each watch meets her exacting standards. With some details being so fine she needs to use a microscope to paint, and each colour lacquer or type of superluminova having its own specific technical requirements, it is Mme Benoit’s exceptional skill and meticulous work which help to bring out the personality of each of Fiona’s hand-painted watches.

MLV is the leader in lacquer and superluminova painting, made up of the most gifted artisans with an unrivalled level of skill and a love for the artistry of watchmaking.


Sophie – Les Artisans Selliers and Nathalie - Jean-Rousseau
The Bracelets

Each of Fiona’s bracelets is entirely hand made by Jean Rousseau or Les Artisans Selliers.

The Jean-Rousseau manufacture is based in Besançon, France, with their own tannery allowing them to select and prepare their own hides and develop bespoke colours and finishes for their clients. They also have ateliers in London, New York, Tokyo and Paris specialising in made-to-measure products.

Sophie set up Les Artisans Selliers in Le Locle after completing her training at Hermes. She produces the bracelets for some of the most exclusive haute horlogerie brands on the market today.

From the selection of the leather to the choice of thread, Fiona consults with each manufacturer before the production of each collection of watches to select the perfect bracelet for her designs. Each bracelet is then lovingly hand-made in the workshops of Les Artisans Selliers and Jean-Rousseau.

Each manufacturer’s personal approach to their work allows Fiona to produce specifically tailored bracelets for clients, as well as custom orders. The possibilities are endless with Jean-Rousseau and Les Artisans Selliers producing bracelets out of the best quality leathers on the market or even from special fabrics belonging to clients themselves.

Jean-Rousseau and Les Artisans Selliers offer a truly bespoke service, personally hand-crafting each client’s bracelet bringing together traditional maroquinerie with contemporary design.