Design 1

Fiona's SKULL collection re-interprets the theme of mortality in horology, drawing inspiration from the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots, the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and beautifully decorated skeleton movements found in today’s luxury watches. Fiona is herself from Scotland and spent 3 years living in Mexico as a child. Her own Scottish heritage and experiences of living and working in various countries can be found in the aesthetics of each of her watches.

Her contemporary timepieces highlight the values of watchmaking by drawing our attention to the watch movement - the heart of any timepiece, which is so often hidden. With a passion for craftsmanship and tradition she develops each of her watches with a desire to highlight the skills involved in their making, resulting in highly detailed and intricate designs.

In her statement SKULL timepieces, the layers of the dial make up the form of a skull, mirroring the aesthetics of the movement underneath. Each watch is decorated and assembled by hand resulting in a unique timepiece rich in tradition, know how and symbolism.