Designed by Fiona. Crafted by artisans. Made for you.


Fiona's SKULL collection re-interprets the theme of mortality in horology, drawing inspiration from the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots, the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and beautifully decorated skeleton movements found in today’s luxury watches. Fiona is herself from Scotland and spent 3 years living in Mexico as a child. Her own Scottish heritage and experiences of living and working in various countries can be found in the aesthetics of each of her watches.

Her contemporary timepieces highlight the values of watchmaking by drawing our attention to the watch movement - the heart of any timepiece, which is so often hidden. With a passion for craftsmanship and tradition she develops each of her watches with a desire to highlight the skills involved in their making, resulting in highly detailed and intricate designs.

In her statement SKULL timepieces, the layers of the dial make up the form of a skull, mirroring the aesthetics of the movement underneath. Each watch is decorated and assembled by hand resulting in a unique timepiece rich in tradition, know how and symbolism.


Fiona designs all her watches herself, drawing inspiration from horological traditions and heritage. Her approach has been called “A new Metier d’Art” as she brings together the worlds of Fine Art, Design and Haute Horlogerie in the creation of her unique timepieces.


Collaboration is key to Fiona’s work - she believes finding the right people to create her timepieces is as important as the design itself.
Traditional skills and new technology are combined in the making of her watches - the machines help to ensure accuracy and technical requirements while the artisans bring soul to each design with their hand-work.

Every design choice made in the creation of Fiona’s watches has been painstaikingly thought out to marry her concept with the technical requirements of a fine watch. Even the case back, which is not seen when the watch is worn, has a cranium-inspired opening, allowing us another view at the beautiful mechanical movements which power her automatic Skull timepieces.

Acting as a frame around the animated balance wheel and the decorated rotor of the movement, this window into the back of the skull brings the same character to the case back as to the watch face.


It’s important to Fiona that her customers understand how their watch is made and by whom. She is proud to collaborate with the best independent manufacturers and artisans in today’s watch industry, and as a result her “clients” become “patrons” of haute horlogerie.


Fiona’s collaborative approach is simple: through her partnerships with key artisans, manufacturers, and other creative brands, she is able to design, and timepieces which have creativity at their core and innovation in their DNA.
VANITAS is her first co-creation with Swiss clock manufacture L’EPÉE 1839, highlighting their incredible skill in this playful skull wall clock.