Petit Skull

Made to order. Limited edition of 18 pieces, hand-made in Switzerland.
Swiss automatic mechanical movement, fully skeletonised with guilloché oscillating mass.
9 part brass dial with specially designed guilloché pattern (Soleil 12 Divisions) Silver galvanised finish and green colouring.
Matte black PVD coated stainless steel case


The PETIT SKULL Series is Fiona’s fourth offering from her iconic Skull collection. For these exceptional watches, Fiona refers back to her Fine Art roots, using the classic guillochage technique as her chisel to sculpt her radiant skull dials, instilling each of her watches with its own distinct character.

The PETIT SKULL (Green/Black) is the wild cousin of the original PETIT SKULL designs - with a matte black case framing a vibrant green dial, this piece reveals the rebellious side to the classic guilloché technique. The watches are hand-made in Switzerland and powered by a fully skeletonised, automatic, Swiss mechanical movement with specially designed oscillating mass. This unique design is only produced to order, carefully crafted by the best manufacturers in Switzerland, especially for Fiona’s clients.

Each of the PETIT SKULL’s intricate 9-piece dials are impeccably hand-finished; starting with the first layer, a polished base plate with black finishing, which acts as a crisp frame around the eyes, nose and mouth. The second layer comprises of 6 individually guilloché and coloured pieces, beautifully reflecting light to reveal the elegant rhythm of the guillochage. Every guilloché pattern was painstakingly chosen and positioned on each piece of the dial, recessing the eyes and jaw and opening up the forehead and cheeks, as would a sculptor carving a portrait. The teeth are finished with perlage and rhodium plating to echo the bridges of the skeletonised movement, which can be seen through the eyes and nose of the Skull. The final layer is a softly shot-blasted outline with black finishing, punctuated by vivid green studs to mark the hours. Through the PETIT SKULLS’ eyes, the moving balance wheel and delicate mainspring of the movement can be seen, which, when wound up, bring the watches to life.


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